A Good Kick In The Balls With Help Gender Confusion Issues

Are you sick and tired of hearing about this man wants to become a woman, or this woman wants to be a man, or this “it” wants to identify as a “cat”. Come on, what is this world coming to? So many things are already hard to deal with in life with so many damn idiots, and we have people that think there are like 100000 other genders. Are you kidding me?

Are you tired of all this bullshit too? Are you part of the majority that feels there really, legit is only two human genders? What genders are there? Male and female. Yes that’s all, just two. Just the way God made us. You are born with balls or without balls.

Introducing a t shirt that will help you with your stance on this issue in public. Ready to see it? Here you go!

A Good Kick In The Balls With Help Gender Confusion Issues
A good kick in the balls with solve your gender confusion.

What do you think? If you hate it, you are probably in the small group that is ok with all these billion genders, doing what they want, going into the opposite sex bathroom. Maybe you love the shirt but would be too scared to wear it? Come on man! Stand up for what you believe in. If a man would go into the same bathroom with my daughter, I guarantee you that man would not be doing that ever again. You can use your imagination as to why that is the case. LOL.

Anyway, for those of you that aren’t chicken shirt, and do want to wear this shirt. You can visit this link to buy it. A Good Kick In The Balls With Solve Your Gender Confusion Problems.

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