Demon’s Driving School: The Slow Lane Saga

It was a sunny afternoon, and old mama was cruising down the highway in her vintage car, humming along to her favorite tune from the ’60s. Little did she know, she had an unexpected backseat driver: a mischievous demon named Darryl.

Demon’s Driving School: The Slow Lane Saga

Darryl wasn’t your typical demon. He wasn’t interested in causing chaos or destruction. No, Darryl had a peculiar passion: he loved to annoy drivers by making them drive exceptionally slow in the fast lane.

As old mama approached the freeway, she felt an odd urge to switch to the fast lane. “That’s strange,” she thought, “I usually stick to the right.” But today, something was different. She found herself veering left, right into the fast lane. And then, the strangest thing happened: she began to slow down. 55 mph, 50 mph, 45 mph…

Cars behind her started honking furiously. Flashing headlights, aggressive overtakes, and a symphony of honks filled the air. But old mama, usually so considerate, felt an inexplicable need to maintain her snail’s pace in the fast lane.

From the backseat, Darryl was having the time of his afterlife. He chuckled as he watched the growing line of cars behind old mama, their drivers fuming with impatience. “This is even better than the time I made that guy tie his shoelaces together!” he thought gleefully.

After what felt like an eternity, old mama’s exit approached. As she signaled and moved to the right, she felt a weight lift off her shoulders. The inexplicable urge to drive slowly in the fast lane vanished. She shook her head, puzzled. “Must be getting old,” she mused.

Meanwhile, Darryl, satisfied with his day’s mischief, vanished into thin air, already plotting his next highway hijinks.

So, the next time you find yourself stuck behind a slowpoke in the fast lane, remember: it might just be Darryl’s doing. And maybe, just maybe, have a little chuckle instead of a honk.

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