Giving 100% at Work: A Week in the Life of An Office Employee

Have you ever heard the phrase “Always give 100% at work?” It’s a great sentiment, but let’s be honest, who does that? After all, work isn’t a marathon, it’s more like a five-day relay race where each day gets a piece of your energetic pie. The question is: how do you slice it? Here’s a fun and somewhat accurate guide to divvying up your energy at work, because who really gives 100% every day?

Giving 100% at Work: A Week in the Life of An Office Employee

Monday: Giving 11%

Headline: ‘The Day of Denial’

Ah, Monday, the start of the week, where you are still mentally stuck in weekend mode. Despite having two whole days off, it feels like you’ve been hit by a truck, or worse, an alarm clock. Your coffee mug whispers comforting words of “it’s not so bad” but your heart knows the truth: you’re only about 11% there. If anyone asks, you’re “just getting started” on your tasks for the week.

Tuesday: Giving 24%

Headline: ‘The Day of Awakening’

Tuesday sees a considerable uptick. You’ve shaken off the Monday blues, and your energy levels are slowly creeping up. On this day, you give 24%, still not quite peak performance, but it’s getting there. Meetings are more productive, and you’ve remembered how to type without staring blankly at the keys. Yes, you’re certainly gaining momentum.

Wednesday: Giving 40%

Headline: ‘The Day of Peak Productivity’

Wednesday, hump day, the middle child of the week, when you’re not just warming up or winding down. On this day, you’re a powerhouse of productivity, a titan of to-do lists. With 40% of your energy directed at work, it’s a wonder you don’t single-handedly boost the company’s stocks. Your peak performance may be powered by the knowledge that the week is halfway over, or maybe it’s the two cups of coffee. Who knows?

Thursday: Giving 23%

Headline: ‘The Day of Coasting’

Thursday, you’ve just come off the peak and are starting to coast. You’re still relatively productive at 23%, but the thought of the impending weekend starts to creep into your mind. Is that a light at the end of the tunnel, or just the glare from your computer screen? Either way, you’re still on track, responding to emails and ticking off tasks like a pro.

Friday: Giving 2%

Headline: ‘The Day of Existential Questioning’

And finally, we reach Friday. By this time, you’re running on fumes, your energy levels have dipped to a lowly 2%. The most work you’re doing is probably figuring out your plans for the weekend. As you watch the clock, every tick seems to echo the words: “Is it 5 PM yet?” But hey, who’s judging? After all, you’ve already given 98% throughout the week, right?

The Real 100%

Adding it up, Monday to Friday, you’ve given a full 100% at work, just in a slightly unorthodox manner. So next time someone tells you to give 100% at work, remember that it’s all about pacing yourself. Now, is it time for the weekend yet?

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